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Beautiful game! And very inspiring. Great graphics too. Have you upgraded this project into something more developed?

I know this will probably never happen, but I would like to see a simple shop and blacksmith to buy and upgrade equipment


looks cool man

looks awesome, hope to play it soon!

thanks i appreciate that. hope i will finish in time :'D

you can do it!

Looks very nice!

Thank you :)

Looks very good, I loved chocobo world, I hope you can add some more on to that :)

Thx :] I will do my best.

Wow. Looks great. Nice to see someone else sticking to a 4 color budget as well. Can't wait to see more.

Thank you :) Yeah, the 4 color palette is very challenging but it makes the game jam even more interesting!

Agreed. I always find limitations to be strengths.