RPG Slasher is a mixture of classic Top-Down-RPG and side-scrolling Hack'n'Slash. You go on an adventure, fight and slash enemies, level up, upgrade your equipment and slash! I still hope you have fun with this.


Arrow keys: Moving
Space:  Action/Attack
Q:  Take Potion
ESC:  Back/Cancel

It's my submission to the LOWREZJAM 2019. I also combined it with the A Game By Its Cover 2019.

This is the cover I choosed. It's from Jaime Ugarte. I wanted to use the same pastel color palette which turned out to be pretty challenging when you mix it with just 64x64 pixels. So I also added a light and a dark tone to every color.

It is just a very early prototype. There were many more things and features planned, but as you know, you always run out of time :P I was in such a hurry, that I forgot to integrate some main functions, like game over.

LOWREZJAM ended before the Game By Its Cover, so I didn't touched the game since. But there will definitely be a post-jam version with fixed bugs, a proper game over, an endboss , some NPCs and a lil upgrade system.

Hope you still enjoy my game :)

Thank you for playing ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)~


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sometimes enemy wont go down

also the intro paper airplane can break a window wow

why is there a lot of glitches

bug report: i can't died

enemy floated at air won't come down

dead enemy can still deal damage to me

enemy encounter too frequent, like every 3 seconds, wtf?

use other key for action button (jump)


Game look great, but the code seems to have some bugs. I ABOLUTELY love the graphic details though <3